Top 10 Shows on the WWE Network

While I apologize for my lengthy absence, it allowed me to take a look at the new shows on the WWE Network and give you an updated list of my personal Top 10 shows. So get ready for the good, the bad and the Foley!

10. Camp WWE

A TV-MA animated short-form comedy series created by Seth Green of Robot Chicken. The show features WWE Superstars as kids at a summer camp, but counselors being past stars.

My Take: As a fan of Robot Chicken, I think this show is a crying shame. I cannot believe that Seth Green is actually writing this show. This show could be a lot better, but it looks like it may be replaced with a new animated show when WWE Story Time hits the network in November.

9. Culture Shock with Corey Graves

As WWE hits the road, Corey Graves seeks out unique venues or people, immersing himself in the culture.

My Take: While I find his personality unappealing, both as a host of this show and as an announcer in general, the content of Culture Shock is what makes the show enjoyable. Some of the subjects of episodes include Marvel Comics, Star Wars and BronyCon (a convention for hardcore male fans of My Little Pony).

8. WWE Superstars / Main Event

Two wrestling shows that feature talent not showcased regularly on Raw or SmackDown with the emphasis being more on the in-ring product.

My Take: With too much in-ring action on the WWE Network already, I feel like these two shows need to be combined into one at the very least. Not much value here, but useful for keeping up with your favorites that aren’t on the main shows.

7. Swerved

WWE teams up with the Director of Jackass and Bad Grandpa for a hidden camera prank show were the WWE Superstars are the victims.

My Take: A basic carbon copy of Ashton Kutcher’s Punk’d. Could have taken a unique twist with it, but unfortunately, it adds nothing new to the genre that the dozens of similar shows on TV don’t already offer.

6. Holy Foley!

A reality show featuring Mick Foley and his daughter, Noelle and her journey to become a WWE Superstar.

My Take: Just when you thought you were safe from the horrendous show that was Hogan Knows Best, we are treated to the sequel. The in-depth look at Mick’s dysfunctional family reaches new lows in this series, but I wonder how much is actually scripted in this Kardashian type reality shows.

5. WWE 24

An exclusive behind the scenes look at WWE Superstars and events.

My Take: While I like the idea of the show, I feel like there are too many shows like this already on the WWE Network. Also, with DVD’s still being released on WWE Superstars, I feel like these network shows take away from those.

4. Legends with JBL

Former WWE Champion, John Bradshaw Layfield sits down with a legend from WWE’s past for an in-depth interview.

My Take: I like the set up and I think that JBL asks a lot of great journalistic type questions. However, I still don’t always buy Bradshaw as an interviewer and there are definitely times that I find him boring and less engaging.

3. Stone Cold Podcast

In the same vein as Chris Jericho’s show, Stone Cold Steve Austin ports his PodcastOne show over to the WWE Network audience.

My Take: The Rattlesnake continues to impress, asking the cold hard questions. What I like about the program is nothing is off-limits and you can actually talk to a wrestler like AJ Styles about his time in TNA.

2. Cruiserweight Classic

32 cruiserweight wrestlers compete from all over the world compete in a single-elimination tournament to become the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion.

My Take: Great talent with impressive in-ring work. Daniel Bryan is a little dry on the mic for me, but is highly knowledgeable about the product. While I’m glad to hear that the Cruiserweight Division will be coming to Raw, I’m curious to see which wrestlers from the tournament will make the roster.


Airing weekly on Wednesdays, the show features the roster of WWE’s development brand, NXT. The brand also periodically hosts live specials where the biggest matches take place.

My Take: For me, Triple H’s brain child continues to be untouchable in the top spot, constantly bringing in great indie talent from all over the world and making them into superstars. The show features constant in-ring action with great characters who have continue to make an impact once reaching the main roster.
That wraps up my updated Top 10 list of WWE Network shows. Please comment below with your take on my picks and whether you agree or disagree.

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