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Growing up, me and my brother were big into wrestling action figures. During the Attitude Era, Jakks Pacific was cranking out toys of every big character in the WWF in their figure line that was touted as having “Bone Crunching Action”–for our money, there were no wrestling figures better equipped to put on five star matches in a plastic ring. So when Jakks did away with the line and started on the “Titantron” series, we were obviously disappointed. Not only were the new figures too big, but they lacked the maneuverability of the previous generation of figures. Due to this turn of events, me and my brother resorted to creating our own figures, mix-matching torsos, limbs and heads in true Frankenstein fashion–we even created ourselves!

One of the loose custom wrestling figures made to order for an independent wrestler.

A few months ago, I came across the Twitter profile of Custom Wrestling Figures and was immediately impressed by their work. While these figures aren’t made for battle, they make excellent display pieces and can even be ordered on a card with custom artwork.

Most of the figures you’ll find on their page are in the style of the old WWF Hasbro or WCW Galoob action figures of the early 90s, but they also make custom figures in Jakks or Mattel style. While they mostly make custom figures of old school wrestlers as a hobby and indy wrestlers to order, they can also make an action figure of you no matter what your profession is.

It is no doubt a goal of mine to one day have an awesome ADuelGet! action figure with “ADuelGet! Fireball” (mint on card) on display in my office, but what color scheme would I choose?

What made you want to create custom wrestling figures and which was the first character that you ever created?

I missed the old WWF Hasbro figure line was the main reason! The first was a WCW Hulk Hogan. I saw someone had done something similar and I thought I’d give it a shot. Never looked back.

Do you have a favorite custom figure?

I’ve always liked the Mankind figures I’ve made using Jerry Saggs’s Hasbro. There are some that seem to just naturally suit particular body types–those are my favourites. Another would be Bill Goldberg from the Sid Justice Hasbro.

While most of the creations on your Twitter profile use Hasbro or Galoob figures as the base, you also make custom figures out of Jakks and Mattel figures as well. Is there any difficulties in working with one brand over the other?

The Mattel and Jakks figures are much harder because of the joints (you have to get the paint the right level otherwise it will chop). I much prefer Hasbro and Galoob.

How do you get all of the parts you use for your custom figures?

Mainly eBay and car boot sales (flea markets).

On average, how much time does it take you to create a custom figure; which character took the longest?

Around 10 hours or so, the longest is Max Moon (incredibly detailed attire and really tricky to get right). Terry Funk’s tights also took forever!

Who is the biggest star to contact you about creating a custom figure?

Hmmm. Goldust expressed an interest, I guess it was him. I’ve had a few actually including some you might not expect (like family members)–we made one for Bret Hart’s son for example. Great guy.

How can people contact you to request a custom figure?

They can message us via Twitter or Facebook.

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