Super Baseball Simulator 1.000: S5E1 – Superstars vs Vidme


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This is game one in Season Mode of Super Baseball Simulator 1.000 featuring the Superstars vs Vidme with shoutcaster commentary.

In this series, we play Season Mode in Super Baseball Simulator 1.000 for SNES with the team featuring subscribers to the channel.


SS – BJ Dunnell (BJDUN)
CF – Hare Krishna (KRISH)
C – Rick Clark (CLARK)
3B – ADuelGet! (DUEL)
1B – Edward Esparza (EDDIE)
RF – 512markdd (MARKD)
LF – Rogue Edge (ROGUE)
2B – irrelevant_hero (IHERO)

PH – JayPlays (JAY)
PH – WickN (WICKN)
PH – Willyaygames (WILL)
PH – FrostOps07 (FROST)

SP – FloofyFox (FLOOF)
SP – Robindies (ROBIN)
SP – KinTailFox (KINTF)
SP – Mattimuspr1m3 (PR1M3)

RP – Minimanmax1 (MINI1)
RP – Seth McCormack (SETH)


2B – Wolfer (WOLFR)
LF – Controller1Gaming (CTRL1)
RF – MegaRetroMan (RETRO)
CF – Astro (ASTRO)
1B – ChaoticGaming (CHAOS)
3B – MFKraven (KRAVN)
SS – MrTotalPenguin (TPENG)
C – Richlocolive (LOCO)

PH – Dreyson (DRYSN)
PH – SinglePlayer (SINGL)
PH – TheEvernet (EVY)
PH – Renegade1 (RNGD1)

SP – Aiya (AIYA)
SP – BedtimeGaming (BEDTM)
SP – linktheinformer (LINK)
SP – TimBabblehump (TBABL)

RP – Tiddliwinks (TIDDL)
RP – PurpleShark (SHARK)

“Ice Flow” & “Secrets of the Schoolyard” by Kevin MacLeod (
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