Introducing Team Vidme – Super Baseball Simulator 1.000


Take a look at who made the roster for Team Vidme this season!

2B – Wolfer (WOLFR)
LF – Controller1Gaming (CTRL1)
RF – MegaRetroMan (RETRO)
CF – Astro (ASTRO)
1B – ChaoticGaming (CHAOS)
3B – MFKraven (KRAVN)
SS – MrTotalPenguin (TPENG)
C – Richlocolive (LOCO)

PH – Dreyson (DRYSN)
PH – SinglePlayer (SINGL)
PH – TheEvernet (EVY)
PH – Renegade1 (RNGD1)

SP – Aiya (AIYA)
SP – BedtimeGaming (BEDTM)
SP – linktheinformer (LINK)
SP – TimBabblehump (TBABL)

RP – Tiddliwinks (TIDDL)
RP – PurpleShark (SHARK)

In Season 5 of Super Baseball Simulator 1.000, not only will I play as a team comprising of followers and supporters of the channel, but now every team in the league will be custom.

“Ice Flow” & “Secrets of the Schoolyard” by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
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