Review: Fallout (PC)

Released: 1997
Developer: Interplay
Publisher: Interplay


In the year 2077, nuclear war broke out, causing the world to become an irradiated wasteland. Survivors live in fallout shelters, known as vaults. 80 years later, Vault 13’s water chip breaks and the vault’s Overseer sends your character to go find another one.

The main story is a bit basic, but don’t get me wrong, it’s still pretty good–it’s just not that complex or amazing. In my opinion, the real highlights of the story are the side quests where you get to learn quite a bit about the world and the interesting people that live in it, such as Killian Darkwater and Harold.

The world itself is also very well developed. The wasteland is a hostile place full of creatures and people out to kill you. The game does a phenomenal job at setting up the atmosphere.



The overall sound in the game is quite good–sound effects during combat and interactions with the world are solid. The voice acting–when it’s there–is very good thanks to talented voice actors such as Ron Perlman, Keith David, Jim Cummings, and Richard Dean Anderson (MacGyver).

The music in the game is great–each song fits the atmosphere in each location very well. You might not notice the music initially due to it’s subtle atmospheric nature, but the closer you pay attention, the more you’ll appreciate how well it’s composed.


Fallout is an isometric RPG where you create a character, customize their stats and perks, and explore the Wasteland.

Combat is turn based and–while you do get companions–you only have control over your character. During your turn, you get a set number of “action points” that you can use to move, attack enemies, use items, and access your inventory. You also have the ability to aim at an enemy’s body part, such as their arm, legs, eyes, or even their groin.

One thing I will recommend when it comes to combat is to turn up the combat speed in the options menu. this will make waiting for your turn significantly less annoying. I also advice you to SAVE OFTEN! I cannot stress this enough. This is a 90s PC game–that means there are no auto saves to speak of. This isn’t a complaint, just a warning.

Outside of combat, you mainly explore the Wasteland and talk to NPCs. Throughout the game, you get to make choices that affect the story–not just through dialog options, but also through how you play. The game gives you a surprising amount of options to deal with situations. I mean come on. How many games can you think of where you can defeat the final boss just by talking to him. It’s not easy, but it can be done.

The main negative I have is with trading. Trading is a massive pain to go through. especially if trading involves hundreds of a particular item like bullets or bottle caps (the game’s currency for some reason), but overall, the gameplay is quite good.


The game is a very solid RPG with a good amount of choice, a fantastic world, interesting characters, good combat, and a good variety of choice. Trading is annoying but does not by any means detract from the experience. If you are a fan of turn based RPGs, then I recommend Fallout.

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