Pro Wrestling XS Profile: Malik Prince

Star Power

Hit Points

Signature Move
Death Valley Driver
6′ 2″

252 lbs

Charlotte, North Carolina

A college basketball star, Malik Prince spent a few years playing in Europe after graduating, but nagging injuries ultimately forced him to step away from the court before ever getting a shot at the big time. After retiring as an active player, Prince took a job as an assistant coach for a German basketball team, but soon lost his passion for the game as he remained bitter about having his career cut short.

After distancing himself from the sport he once loved, Malik Prince remained in Germany and took up a career working construction. Malik eventually picked up pro wrestling after listening to his co-workers talk about it on the job site. While his co-workers often tried to persuade Malik into becoming a professional wrestler, his shattered confidence always held him back. It wasn’t until he finally got back in the gym and began to push his body once more that he slowly started to regain some of that lost confidence.

Being his own biggest critic, it took Malik Prince longer than most to feel comfortable in a wrestling ring, but once it clicked for him, Prince quickly became one of the brightest stars in the small wrestling school in Lübeck, Germany.

Once Malik Prince reached his ceiling as to what he could accomplish wrestling the independents in Europe, he returned to the United States for the first time in nearly a decade and began working for promoters on the east coast.

Malik Prince is just one of 36 unique wrestlers that will be included in Pro Wrestling XS: The Board Game which is slated for a Fall 2016 release.

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