Pro Wrestling XS Profile: Khaos

Star Power

Hit Points

Signature Move
6′ 6″

350 lbs

New York City, New York

Long before his wrestling career as Khaos, 14-year-old John Fatima spent his days on the streets on the New York City, trying to survive. One fateful day, John found himself unknowingly trying to steal from Danny Black, the owner of a local wrestling gym. When John was subdued and questioned, he explained his past. John told Danny Black about how he had run away from an abusive orphanage a few years back and was trying to make it on his own. Having no son of his own, Danny Black made the decision to adopt John Fatima and give him a better life.

Now known as John Fatima Black, the man who would become Khaos began training to become a professionally wrestler. By the age of 24, John was becoming one of wrestling’s biggest up-and-coming stars, but unfortunately, Danny Black’s health was declining at the time as well. With an operation not being possible, Danny Black slowly passed away from throat cancer a few months later.

John Fatima Black initially spiraled into depression, putting his wrestling career on hold. It took some time to work it all out in his head, but John finally came to the conclusion that the only way to honor his father and carry on his legacy was to make it in the wrestling business. He soon found his way into an upstart promotion, going under the name, “Big Bad John”.

Despite having all of the talent and potential, Big Bad John couldn’t find success in the ring. After a long losing streak, the character of the man started to crack. The weight of the loss of his father and the failure to achieve his dream caused Big Bad John to recede into the shadows. No one knows what went on in the head of John during this sabbatical, but once he emerged from the shadows once again, he was a brand new person. Now known as “Khaos”, John began to show a whole new side of himself, displaying far more intensity and sadism than ever before. Khaos has continued to carve a path of destruction since his debut, with no end in sight.

Khaos is just one of 36 unique wrestlers that will be included in Pro Wrestling XS: The Board Game which is slated for a Fall 2016 release.

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