Pro Wrestling XS Profile: Cory Bantic

Star Power

Hit Points

Signature Move
6′ 4″

225 lbs

Corcoran, California

Growing up in an RV Park with his grandmother, Cory Bantic spent most of his childhood as an awkward social outcast. As an adolescent, Cory found himself fascinated with the local state prison in Corcoran, best known for housing Charles Manson, the infamous criminal who led a group of his followers in committing several murders in the 1960s. Cory’s obsession with Manson reached unhealthy levels when he went so far as to exchange letters with the prisoner, hoping for the opportunity to one day meet face-to-face with Manson.

After discovering Cory Bantic’s budding relationship with Charles Manson, Cory’s grandmother immediately put a stop to it. By chance, Cory found himself a new obsession in professional wrestling. He was drawn to the psychological aspect of the business and how wrestlers manipulated the fans. Cory drew a direct correlation to how Charles Manson manipulated his followers.

As a young adult, Cory Bantic decided to pursue a career in professional wrestling, hoping to make up for his lonely childhood by using his charisma to manipulate fans into becoming his friends and followers.

Cory Bantic is just one of 36 unique wrestlers that will be included in Pro Wrestling XS: The Board Game which is slated for a Fall 2016 release.

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