Pro Wrestling XS Release Date Pushed Back

Originally planned for a Fall 2016 release, Pro Wrestling XS: The Board Game’s release date has been pushed back to 2017 due to the development process taking longer than initially expected.

In Pro Wrestling XS, 2-4 players will be able to take control of a professional wrestler or tag team and guide them through their career as they attempt to climb the ladder of success.

As players progress through the game, they are able to develop and build upon their character with storylines and matches. It will be possible to take a wrestler from jobber to main event. There will be no set end to the game, so it up to the players to decide what their career goals are or keep playing as long as they like.

The base game will feature 36 original wrestlers and expansion packs will be made available that will add new wrestlers, storylines, match types, weapons and more.

Pro Wrestling XS: The Board Game will be available at the price of $49.99.

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