8 Great Vidme Exclusive Creators

Described as a cross between YouTube and Reddit, Vidme is a video sharing community that claims to have over 25 million unique users.

With a 2017 that has seen YouTube at the center of controversy, a number of content creators have been more open to alternatives than previously. Still, most creators have taken a “wait and see” approach with Vidme, but others have taken it upon themselves to become Vidme exclusive.

Let’s take a look at some of the best content creators on Vidme that are exclusive to the platform.

Daniel Amann – Vlogger

A 22-year old university student and featured creator on Vidme, Daniel Amann has committed to making daily vlogs that follow the events of his life and often feature topics such as tips for creators.

Creating daily content is impressive enough, but with the quality and quantity of creative angles, cuts and transitions that have become a staple of his videos, it’s no wonder that Daniel Amann was the first Vidme exclusive creators to reach over 1,000 followers.

Other Vidme Exclusive Vloggers:
Marc Rocafort, Stefan Jenkins, 512markdd

Aiya – Comedy/Vlogger

The uploads might not be as frequent as a Daniel Amann, but the effort put into each one of Aiya‘s videos is all the same.

A featured creator on Vidme, Aiya takes vlog style topics and presents them in a comedic way, often playing the part of many different characters.

Jessica Martwin – Vlogger

Just recently featured on Vidme, Jessica Martwin is a down to earth vlogger whose interests include hiking, running and gaming–she’s also in the process of becoming a nurse!

She’s still fairly new to vlogging, but clearly puts effort into her work with beautiful transitions and timelapses. Thanks to a recent move to Colorado, there’s sure to be lots more beautiful scenery in her future videos.

controller1gaming – Gaming

An immature, self admitted man-child who loves talking, watching, and playing, video games, controller1gaming has been exclusive to Vidme since joining at the start of 2017.

More than just a typical facecam let’s play channel, controller1gaming actually puts a ton of effort into edits to emphasis the comedic moments of his videos While his channel mostly focuses on gaming, he has also been posting vlogs and goofy comedy videos recently.

He’s also Canadian–if you’re into that sort of thing.

Other Vidme Exclusive Gamers:
KinTailFox, linktheinformer, Kentantino, StubbsTheGamer

ChaoticGaming – Gaming

A featured creator on Vidme, ChaoticGaming has been exclusive to the platform since the end of 2016.

Chaotic’s channel mainly focuses on let’s play facecam videos, admittedly taking some inspiration from DashieGames–even playing a few of the same games such as Mario Kart and Super Mario Maker.

He has been known to rage a time or two.

SharkPlaysGames – Gaming/Art/Animation

The multi-talented SharkPlaysGames is a recently featured creator on Vidme whose channel features speed art videos, animations and let’s plays–often including facecam.

In almost a year on the platform, Shark boasts an impressive 120,000 lifetime views.

Currently, SharkPlaysGames features Minecraft Mondays and episodes of Diablo II multiple times per week.

Leks-Play – Gaming/Comedy/Community

One of the earliest featured creators on Vidme, Leks-Play is more than just a let’s play gaming channel–he also does a great deal of comedy, social commentary and community based videos.

Alongside Dos Gaming and TaurusSilverDiamond, Leks is also known as a member of The Vidme Villains podcast which covers topics such as current events, gaming and the Vidme community in general.

Calibri Funtimes – Community

One of the most genuine creators you will find on Vidme, Calibri Funtimes has been exclusive to the platform since early 2017.

Calibri’s content mostly leans towards the style of a vlogger, but a lot of her recent content and has based on community reaction videos. Her main series takes advantage of the random creator link on Vidme, allowing her to discover new channels for the first time, bringing them to the attention of the viewer and lightly critiquing their content.

Similar Vidme Exclusive Channels:

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