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nullMy name is Gary Liebler and I am the Master of the ADuelGet!

ADuelGet! is an all-encompassing brand of entertainment first started as a YouTube channel in 2012.

I’ve always had some sort of creative presence on the internet since the early 2000s but up until this point, I have always focused on one thing, accomplished it and then moved onto something else. I started off with various websites, made text-based simulation games, had a t-shirt website, and then began making gaming videos on YouTube to name just a few of my endeavors.

I have now decided to combine all of my past, current and future projects into one creative effort.

The goal of this website is to provide unique content in the form of YouTube videos, podcasts, blogs, games and more.

What in the French is an ADuelGet?

In short, a Hadoken.

The story goes back to being a 6-year old kid when Street Fighter II first hit the arcades. At the time, I was pretty good at the game, frequently beating kids much older than myself at the local pizza parlor. What I wasn’t good at was understanding Japanese. Neither were my brother and cousin for that matter.

To us, it always sounded like “doolget” or “adoolget” as we originally spelled it and so when it came time to come up with a unique moniker for my newly started YouTube channel back in 2012, I decided to hearken back to my old pizza arcade days. After throwing around a couple of different spellings, I decided on ADuelGet.

Exevent Games

Started back in the early 2000s, Exevent Games once served as the brand behind such PC simulation games as Pro Wrestling Nexus, Quest for Gold, Trivia Rumble and others.

With the new re-branding of all of my creative efforts, all previous games released under Exevent Games will be re-branded under ADuelGet! Games.

How can you support the cause?

This website is a labor of love. Without my ability to create content such as this, I would go insane. It’s something that I truly do cherish and that I enjoy doing, but with having a newborn baby and a newly purchased home that I am personally remodeling, it’s hard to justify me acting like a dork on the internet.

There are many ways that you can support the website to help make it something that at the very least will cover it’s bills.

  • Buy ADuelGet! merchandise on Redbubble:
    We have t-shirts, stickers and more with ADuelGet! branded designs, logos and phrases available.
  • Shop Amazon through the website:
    With each purchase you make, a very small commission will go to support the site.
    Links: Amazon USAAmazon CanadaAmazon UK
  • Turn off Adblock:
    This website and the YouTube videos have ads that generate a very small amount of revenue.
  • Share:
    If you enjoy the content on this website, share it with friends. The more exposure the site gets, the better.

In any form, your support is greatly appreciated!

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